Getting Started

At certain times in life, we may feel powerless, trapped, depressed or hopeless - perhaps even questioning who we are or why our life, work or relationships are not going the way we want. We may seek therapy because we would like emotional support and an empathic, caring listener, or to develop skills and strategies to help us navigate a particularly tough situation and painful feelings. I can help you work through such challenges in a supportive and understanding environment.

Alongside the psychodynamic model, I utilise ideas and tools from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and other modalities to help clients focus on, and take proactive steps towards, specific goals. The combination of learning more about ourselves whilst taking action, even small steps, can be emotional and challenging, yet also deeply rewarding and empowering.

The first session is a chance to discuss the main issues on your mind, clarify what you're hoping to gain from therapy, and for you to ask me any questions. It is both an "assessment" and a taster of regular therapy, as well as an opportunity for us to see if we might be a good "fit." Please contact me to arrange.

If you then decide to proceed with therapy, we will clarify the goals and length of treatment and begin working on your concerns in more depth. I usually work open-ended; however, I can also offer a fixed number of sessions. The advantage of open-ended therapy is that a deeper relationship develops and more complex issues can be explored.

Sessions are held once weekly and last for about 60 minutes. Some clients, for different reasons, prefer fortnightly sessions and I may offer this option if suitable -usually after a minimum of six weeks. Sessions can be held in person or online, or a combination of both.

Beginning therapy can be a big step, and I will do all I can to help you feel at ease.

Fees & Availability

Sessions cost £60 and last a full hour. Most therapists offer 50mins; however, I feel the full hour facilitates a more comfortable, spacious session.

Sessions are offered Mon-Fri face to face in Horley, or online.

I work with individual adults aged 18+

For clients open to deeper work, psychodynamic therapy can help us understand ourselves better by working with the unconscious mind and the impact earlier experiences and trauma can have upon our personality, relationships and behaviour. Trauma can be both overt and less obvious, such as emotional and developmental trauma, and deeply affect our self confidence and choices later in life.

Rooted in the ideas of Sigmund Freud yet totally contemporary in its research and approach, psychodynamic therapy works not only through the strength and trust of the therapeutic relationship, but by deepening insight into unhelpful or even toxic unconscious beliefs and patterns that can, unknowingly, hold us back. By drawing upon psychodynamic concepts and techniques, I can help you improve your relationships, soothe anxiety, depression and negative thinking, and boost your self-knowledge and self esteem. I can help you work through specific trauma, suicidal thoughts, self harm, issues around food and body image and other behaviours that may be preventing you from living the way you want and fulfilling your potential. Studies show that many people who undertake psychodynamic therapy continue to improve long after ending.

"Take action,

Phil Stutz

no matter how frightened you are"